73x Vestas V44/600 used

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Quantity

  • Price
    5.000 €

  • incl. location

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Availability
    from 10/2022

  • Location
    Tánger, Morocco

  • Rated power
    600 kW

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    42 m

  • Condition

  • Total weight
    21000 kg

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We are a Spanish company repowering wind farm in Morocco. Available immediately 73 units of Vestas V42 due to substitution.

Unitary power 600 Kw

Class – Standard IEC S Certified

Manufacturing Year 1998-2000

Start-up date August 2000


Complete rotor "Diameter: 42 m

Weight: 8,5 tn"

Blades features "Quantity: 3 (possible not to transport them, we can manage)

Length: 20 m

Weight: 1,1t/ud"

Blades material "Glass fiber reinforced polyester (blade shells)

Glass fiber reinforced epoxy (blade spar)

Aluminum (root attachment)

Surface: Polyester gelcoat"

Swept area 1385 m2

Connection speed 5 m/s

Disconnection speed 25m/s

Rotor speed, max: 30 RPM

Rotation direction Clockwise

Orientation Upwind

Aerodynamic brakes Calage

Nacelle (all components are considered except the rotor)

Dimensions 6.67 X 2.66 X 2.24 m

Weight 21 tn

Gear Box

Manufacturer and Model Hansen, EH55G21S-BN

Characteristics "660 Kw 30/1500

Ratio: 50.626 : 1"


Manufacturer: Weier

Generator type Asynchronous

Output voltage 690 V

Characteristics "50Hz - 600 kW

Type: DASG 400 WL - CW rotation

Poles: 4 poles

Synchronous generator speed: 1500 rpm

Weight: 3.650 Kgs"

Maintenance data

Current maintenance plan YES

Availability (representative year) 100,00%

Operating hours/ WTG 164688 (depending on the WT)

Stopping times/WTG 10512 (depending on the WT)


MTBF (h) 51392

Last repair date 23/06/2017


MTBF (h) Without repair

Last repair date Without repair


MTBF (h) 154.176

Last repair date 19/09/2018

Yaw gear

MTBF (h) 77088

Last repair date 22/11/2017

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