GE 1,5 SL - 100m hub height - 77m rotor - SDL converter conversion in Lower Saxony

  • Manufacturer
    GE Energy

  • Model

  • Quantity

  • suitable for offshore operation

  • Availability
    from 06/2023

  • Location
    Uelzen, Germany

  • Rated power
    1.5 kW

  • Annual yield
    2800000 kWh

  • Tower height
    100 m

  • Year

  • Rotor diameter
    77 m

  • Condition

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The two turbines are in good condition and are located in a wind farm near Uelzen, Lower Saxony and will be available from mid-2023.

SDL conversion of the converters took place in 2014 - > higher technical availability.

Extensive documentation on the operating time is available.

Preference is given to the dismantling of the plants by the buyer. The selling price is also based on this.

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