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There are many reasons why operators are forcing the dismantling of wind turbines or wind turbines – depending on the federal state, however, the regulations differ, and the building permit and the lease agreement already specify conditions for the dismantling of wind turbines. In this mixture, it is important to be able to rely on an experienced service provider. The Wörmann team was instrumental in the development of DIN SPEC 4866 (Sustainable dismantling, dismantling, recycling and recycling of wind turbines) and also work according to these specifications. Thanks to the specially developed & patented dismantling device for hybrid towers, their dismantling is carried out even more effectively.

With us as a partner at your side, you ensure that the wind turbines approved for dismantling are fully and professionally used. No matter why you are interested in dismantling wind turbines, the WÖRMANN TEAM gives you a professional dismantling team to take care of the dismantling of the entire turbine. This means from the dismantling of the machine house and the rotor blades to the removal of the steel or concrete tower parts and the demolition of the foundation and transformer house. Of course, you can also commission us with the professional disposal of all components or use the logistics in the course of a resale of the plant.

The experts in the WÖRMANN TEAM are in use throughout Germany and can handle any model to ensure an orderly and certified dismantling of wind turbines.

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