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We bring the reach and efficiency of a global online marketplace for wind turbines with the experience in sales and consulting of various experts.

This is exactly what wind turbine consulting, wtc for short, is all about. We are a joint venture consisting of and experienced consultants from various sub-sectors.

Put buyers and sellers in direct contact!

You would like to make your own wind energy project or investment and need good used wind turbines. Or you own or operate wind turbines for which you are looking for a solvent buyer. Of course there are conventional and seemingly established ways to do this. However, there is always at least one other party in the middle, which can change the purchase or sale price to your disadvantage. This serious disadvantage is eliminated for you thanks to the online marketplace, which puts you as a buyer in direct contact with the seller and vice versa.

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Sales advertisements wind turbines

Date Manufacturer Model Quantity Budget Country
20/08/2020 any 1 Germany
03/08/2020 Senvion MM82 9 Germany
11/09/2020 Enercon E44/600 1 Germany
03/08/2020 Senvion MM82 1 Germany
31/08/2020 Enercon E66/1500 1 Germany
10/05/2020 GE Energy 1.5sl 1 Germany
29/02/2020 Bonus B44/600 4 Germany

Requested wind turbines

Date Manufacturer Model Quantity Budget Country
28/08/2020 Senvion 3.6M140 EBC 1 on request Germany